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Vancouver é a cidade sede dos Jogos Olímpicos de inverno de 2010. É uma das cidades mais bonitas e mais habitáveis do mundo. É reconhecida por ser inovadora e ser líder nas áreas de sustentabilidade e acessibilidade/inclusão.

É uma cidade conhecida pelas inovadoras políticas públicas e planejamento, ganhando vários prêmios por inovação. Especialistas de todo mundo visitam a cidade para conhecer os meios pioneiros de que Vancouver utiliza para resolver problemas urbanos.

Vancouver tem uma visão holística sobre criar uma cidade sustentável, equilibrando e melhorando o ambiente, a economia e as questões sociais da comunidade.

Vancouver é uma cidade com variados tipos de comunidades. É reconhecida por ter criado maneiras de todos os cidadãos celebrarem quem são, e participarem em cada aspecto da vida na cidade.

Localidade e clima
É localizada no sudoeste do Canadá, na província de British Columbia, banhada pelo Oceano Pacífico. A cidade é rodeada de água e montanhas. Tem o clima mais ameno do país. A temperatura varia entre 3ºC em janeiro (inverno) e 18ºC em julho (verão). A média de precipitação anual é de 1,219mm. As chuvas acontecem mais no inverno.

A cidade tem mais de 540 mil habitantes, e está situada numa região de mais de 2 milhões de pessoas. Vancouver é a maior cidade de British Columbia e a terceira maior do Canadá.

Sendo a principal ponta oeste das rodovias e ferrovias transcontinentais canadenses, Vancouver é a principal cidade do oeste do Canadá, assim como um dos maiores centros industriais do país.

O Porto de Vancouver é o maior e mais diversificado do Canadá.

Outras áreas de negócios: desenvolvimento de softwares, biotecnologia, cinema, meio ambiente (florestas e água), serviços em geral, turismo.

(traduzido e editado por mim. Fonte: http://www.city.vancouver.bc.ca/aboutvan.htm)


Anônimo disse…

Canadian government immigration policy enables the bringing of many immigrants every year to Canada. The government promises independent immigrants a good chance of finding a job, developing professional skills, receiving a good education, and earning enough to rent an apartment and make a life in fair conditions. Hundred of thousands of people believe in this promise and come to Canada.

These people even do not anticipate the Canadian reality. Nobody tells them the truth before their arrival in Canada and after.

Then what is the real Canadian immigration policy? What are its objectives? How are those objectives realized? Who pay for it? How does the Canadian job market work? What kind of ethics has people who create the policy?

Now I will draw you a big picture in order to easier understand the main objective. Canada brings in up to 300,000 immigrants a year. Each of them, if he wants to survive in Canada, must spend at least $10,000 dollars a year to keep afloat. In big cities such as Toronto the minimum reaches almost up to $20,000 thousand dollars a year. What does it mean for Canada? It means that the economy of Canada receives approximately an amount of between three and six billion dollars each year. Immigrants have to spend this money for the rental of apartments (very expensive), food, clothes, transportation etc.

What do the immigrants receive for it? Do they receive what they expect to? What are the facts?

Once the famous writer George Orwell said: "times are coming when talking the truth will be symptom of heroism and big challenge".
Then start to speak about it now. Do not hesitate to tell the truth about the real job market in Canada, about people who control it, hiring professionals and about obstacles which professionals and other people meet during their job searching.


According to HDRC figures in Toronto/GTA alone almost 20,000 engineers from the entire world are looking for a job in their occupations. They cannot find a job! They receive only an ILLUSION and they have to pay a lot for it.

The role of Human Development Resource Centres - HDRC for employed people
-creating different kind of courses where immigrants are trained and where theirs brains are washed


-resume writing (the content, fonts, get-up of resume etc.); how to send resume by email, fax, mail or set on a web site

-what kind of adjectives to use to make a good impression on readers

-how to make a good impression during an interview, what is allowed and what is not during an interview (how to be a good actor)

-how to network in order to find a job (usually this means meeting others who are unemployed as well.)

-how to fight down stress, keep up your optimism to continue looking for a job (the objective of the policy is to stop immigrants in Canada as long as possible and to receive from them thousands of dollars for Canadian economy)

Brains washing:

-inviting to take courses to improve professional skills (big business); however after a course you cannot receive a job because employers usually ask about 3-5 years Canadian experience in the occupation and required environment;

-talking only about chosen elements of the entire job market (it means that HDRC staff is hired by Canadian government to hide uncomfortable information about the job market and to achieve objectives of the immigration policy; it is not the staff fault - if they do not do it they will be laid off)

-creating an illusion trust in immigrants that if they speak fluent English they will receive a job or if they have a good resume they will receive a job, or if they send resume by email, fax or deliver personally they will receive a job, or if they finish any courses and get a certificate (they spend a lot of time and money) they will receive a job, or if they co-operate with an agent or an agency they will receive a job, or if they co-operate with many agencies and send a resume to many (i.e.1,000) companies they will receive a job or ...,

-there are organized meetings with motivational speakers; during those meetings listeners are faced with intensive washing their brains; there is prohibited discussion about problems and ideas which are stuck into listeners' brains as the truth does not undergo discussion; any attempts to discuss those "truths" are smothered; people who complain that speaker says untruths are loudly admonished about a conceit, in the way slaves are trained who become insensible, giving in, passive, avoiding a truth if it is nasty or make them any discomfort; in the way are created a kind of behaviours for people who are totally reluctant any changes and accepting the evil which encircles them.

-propagating idea of globalism a new totalitarian system, world without God, without nations, without variety of cultures, traditions, human behaviour, where the money will be the most important value and a man will be as a tool for gaining a money so other words money will a god and a man will be a trash.
Be aware those people who spread those ideas:

-demoralization of people by persuading them to lie to employers in order not to recognize that they are urgently looking for a job,

-nobody wants to say that if you want to survive, to find a good job you must have resources which means money for rent, food, clothes; nobody wants to say that for honest, diligent, friendly, well educated, experienced professionals, even with good references, there are no jobs in Canada

-very often they make an offer to change your skills (i.e. if you are a very experience engineer they make you an offer to be an assistant of a cleaner)
Hiring employees by companies and agencies:

-90% available positions are hidden; they are not advertised on the job market; those jobs are reserved for Canadians only - they call it democracy however this is a symptom of chauvinism and contempt for emigrants;

-above positions receive families members of companies owners, their friends and friend of their friend; for them there are the easiest and the best paid jobs; usually for them are organized courses from a beginner level even for free

-very often for an open position a few hundred resumes came; from the above pile of resume only a few is chosen randomly; the rest of the resumes are not read at all and sent to the garbage or "database"

-good references from other Canadian or US companies confirming the good qualifications of a candidate are not considered

-many companies have own agencies and interview only candidates who are chosen by the agencies;

-to set a resume on known web sites as workopolis.com, monster.com, jobshark.com etc. is a waste of time; the adds about jobs on them there are a bait

-companies and agencies protect themselves against receiving resumes, they do not want to receive too many resumes, do not respond on calls, emails. You are prohibited from calling them (if you call you will not receive the job because you are treated as unruly person); they do not want to receive resumes by fax etc. This is a symptom of rudeness.

-if you come in person to a company nobody from HR or managers want to talk to you; they instruct you to leave your resume and get out

-Human Resources departments are black holes where there is a lot of discrimination as to nationalism, place of graduation, age, English etc. that points to incompetence or chauvinism the hiring of staff members; they are as fussy children, they despise immigrants and their skills

-there are agencies which for a bribe up to two to five thousand dollars with a promise to find a job for you within two to four years; this a big trap - in the way you give an advance without an interest for you and you are blocked in the place where you live)

-there are agencies which make business hiring only volunteers who want to receive Canadian experience; this is cruelly form of people exploitation to force people work for free (without Canadian experience you can not receive a paid job)

-the hiring staff by HR of some companies is corrupted, incompetent or managers in companies are very rude. The proof is that the same companies periodically look for professionals with the same qualifications. Probably they make discrimination good professionals with different reasons.

-discrimination is done on purpose and consequently managers treat professionals as slaves. They do not care about them, about their development and getting new skills. They pigeonhole them and if they do not follow their wishes during private down time then lay off them.

-they treat immigrants with great suspicion even if those immigrants have many years experience and very good references from US and Canadian companies where they have worked

-cleaners in Canada are paid up to $10-12/hour; Canadian Government hires very experienced professionals (engineers, masters) who received UI and who cannot find a job in their occupations for contracts paid less then $9/hour (see: www.epi.ca/ontario/seeker.htm); this is a new age of contempt; in that way some companies receive good professionals for free solution their problems; who are the owners of those companies that they can receive the privilege?

- the job market in Canada is very corrupted, it is sick. The proof is: engineer with over ten years experience in IT and excellent references from US and Canadian companies cannot find a job, no interviews no call back from any companies and agencies where they have sent their resume during the last 2 years. Why? Think about it.

Bellow there are reasons to do not give you a job.

-because you have not graduated from Canadian college or university; because you have not Canadian experience; your qualification are unknown

-because you finished a course however you do not have experience; because you do not know the Queen's English

-because you know too many things so you are over qualified - they do not trust you (a good Canadian professional knows ONE thing very well)

-they are looking for i.e. experienced programmers or plumbers with experience in a bank or warehouse etc. so if you are excellent professional however you did not work in a bank or warehouse - you will not receive the job

-because of lack of continuous professional career, stable career history, because of gaps between particular jobs; it means you are guilty if they do want to give you a job; because you are honest, diligent who was not born in Canada and you say that you were treated very badly by your previous manager

-you will not be admitted to the interview process without any explanation

-if you are very human, friendly, good and diligent in your occupation - they lay off you because you are too good and they do not tolerate competitors.

People who speak loudly about this entire problem are charged with having a bad thinking and attitude. They are told that they cannot receive a job because they are smart and they can see all negatives on the job market. Some people say to immigrants if they do not be obey slaves and do not like to be treated like that - get out of here to your country. There are many others in your position.
Many managers and HR staff destroy good, diligent and competent professionals who do not want to be slaves and do not follow their pleasure. They love only themselves and money. For them somebody who was laid off twice is a very suspicious person. They think simply if somebody is good he is not laid off and they do not care about his excellent references. In that way they waste the time - and the life - of good professionals. They are incredible presumptuous.
Hiring people and managers show you they can trample you as a cockroach because you are completely dependent on them. You are only a mercenary - NOBODY. They show you that your education and entire knowledge, which you possess, are worth less than zero because in Canada they can push you in a mud of poverty whenever they want. They can kick you as a homeless dog if you will stand against them in the most insignificant matter. For them the most important are money and power. They tolerate only slaves who always and everywhere do what are instructed to do even if they are off duty. They hate human, proud, honest, diligent people and they feed themselves the pleasure if they can kick those good independent people. They are incredible selfish and like to do it.

Below there are some ideas, which are spread in written materials by motivational speakers who talk to the unemployed in HDRCs:

-avoid negative sources, people, places, things and habits (my comment: in other words avoid wise people who show you the truth which can make you unhappy and create your discomfort instead show you a false which can make you happy; avoid documents and a truth about the world; live only in a world of lies and illusions which is created by media and their owners if it make you happy - however remember that live in illusion costs the most; in the way bad and selfish people and behaviours are created; in the way hot and angry moods of different communities are cooled down)

-ignore those who try to discourage you (my comment: another words avoid wise people who try to warn you against dangers; they encourage you to be a brave and arrogant; do not recognise rings of right and evil; be ignorant so let caress a snake because it is beautiful; in the way good and wise people are pushed aside and isolated because they want to show or tell truth about abnormalities or dangers; this is policy directed against people who criticise politics and people who keep power)

-love yourself first and most (my comment: another words be a soulless egoist, do not care about others who need help, be insensitive and ignore others)

-take control of your own destiny (my comment: this is a false slogan because we can control only our attitude and behaviour to be a good loving person by others from our community. The rest is out of your reach. The rest is controlled by money-lenders and usurers (who create money from the air and demand an interest – it means the money, which do not exist because it do not have real equivalent in products populations; they turn people and nations into slaves), by politics, owners of companies and HR people. Our quality of life depends on each of the groups. You can be smart as an Einstein and you cannot get a job.

All the above ideas are spread for taxpayers' money. The knowledge is being inculcated to listeners during the courses in HDRCs. Listeners are taught to be disloyal to employers i.e. if you find better or equivalent job then leave the actual job. Create an image around you that you are a person who is needed. Do not allow yourself to be laid off or fired because other employers will treat you badly and even the best references will not help you find a job.

Canada pretends to be a democratic and fair country however Canadian immigrant policy is a show, a false performance, a trap to entice well educated people who have money which they must spend in Canada. Canada has not invested even a cent in education of those good professionals so without any hesitance destroy them.

This policy is directed against those good people, their nations and countries. It weakens the economy of those countries and takes away often the good diligent professionals and destroys them in Canada because they cannot get a job in their occupations even if they have good references from Canadian companies where they worked. Canada is an ENEMY of those people and their countries. Canada wants to dominate other countries by destroying good professionals who come from them, turn professionals into labourers and take away them money. Canadians detest immigrants, often call them cockroaches and lay off them readily even when they are better than Canadian professionals when a company has any problems. Their countries miss well-educated professionals who will not have more occasions to work in theirs occupations and will have to do any simple work to survive.

What do immigrants get from Canada? They receive almost nothing. Resources used for education immigrants are not used for development of their countries. Immigrants receive usually the most difficult jobs where is needed very good education and experience. Canadians do not want those jobs because they are too difficult, too much work and too poorly paid. If a job is done the immigrant who did it is usually laid off. The majority of immigrants cannot find a job in their occupations for months or years. Their professional careers are often ruined and wasted years of education because they have to do any simple, easy, less well-paid jobs to survive. Many of them returned to their countries without any money. Repeatedly more well educated and aware people set equal character between Canadians and CHEATS. The bankers, money lenders, apartment landlords, owners of companies and insurance companies are advocate of this policy. They have the biggest profits from it. They support the false performance about Canada as the best country and the bait is issued by media.

Who creates the Canadian immigrant policy? There are people with the same mentality who destroyed countries of East Europe and Russia. This is the same mentality and behaviour. Now they move to West Europe to create new country UE and Canada to continue their parasitically style of life and live for cost of tax payers of those countries. Many symptoms testify to it. There are the same corrupt mechanisms, parasitically armies of unproductive officers who destroy each country, each community and each nation. Always a huge bureaucracy was symptomatic of totalitarian systems as fascism, communism and different kinds of socialism.

Canada is in communism creators hands. Watch carefully and you will see who is a deathly enemy of people. They use the same methods, which were use to in communism or socialism. They know some methods are dated then they use other methods equally efficient. They change their skin. They are not called communists and prefer to be called social-democrats or liberals. They lay and cheat people all the time. The majority of them do not shoot people; they do not murder their opponents, good, honest, diligent people. Now they take away them all live resources and in the way killing them silently or they tolerate them however use to economic terror against those opponents to keep them as slaves.

Remember! Do not look at the signboards or banners which they keep above theirs heads. Watch what they do!

All people ought to remember that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. The substructure of freedom is THE TRUTH. We have to fight with the evil, which there is around us, show it up and censure it. We must not ignore it because then we support it and we weaken THE GOOD. If we do not do it then will not be freedom for humans in Canada and others countries as well. A worse than communism totalitarian system will be built for you and your children.[/i][/color]

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